How to stay on top of your health and building a strong immune system

How to stay on top of your health and building a strong immune system

Too often I hear a lot of people and some health professionals give generalized food prescriptions like do not eat bread, cut all sugar from your diet. Being healthy means something different for each person.

Some need a zero sugar diet
Some need sugar in their diet
Some need meat in their diet
Some zero meat

Overall, balance is key. I am an advocate for balance. Plus, everybody is different and we need to acknowledge that. Mother nature has given us all these plants and animals to enjoy and it’s our duty to find balance in them. So how can you stay on top of your health? Let’s start with some basic things you should have in your kitchen, shall we?

Salt- Kills all germs. My go-to remedy before medications

Ginger- Nature’s detox. Cleans out your system for any impurities or toxins

Fruits and vegetables of various colors- I emphasize various colors because it diversifies the quality of nutrients that you will be adding to your body (comment below if you want me to write a piece elaborating more on it). 

Meat or other protein substitutes- 

Fiber- For me, my go-to is whole grain bread. I know some people are against bread but for my balanced diet bread plays an important role in giving me the fibers that I need.

Tea- last but most importantly, tea. It can be cold/hot, regardless, the benefits of tea are unimaginable. 

My personal motto is taste it feel it. If what you are putting inside your body makes you feel good, look great, and perform better then why stop? For me, drinking products with natural gifts such as pineapple, hibiscus, ginger, and all other fruits and vegetables makes me feel good. I urge you to start listening to your body. What kind of food makes you feel good? Comment down below what resonated with you from this article.

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