SOBA Hibiscus was established in 2017 in Louisiana by Kemi Kemi. Kemi created SOBA Hibiscus as an inspiration from her West Africa roots and a desire to showcase healthier alternatives. She created this business during her 2nd year at Louisiana State University, when she noticed a gap - the lack of diversity in the beverage space. Kemi strongly believes in the importance of individuals sharing their authentic cultures and stories. People know when a product is authentic and that’s what customers consume with SOBA Hibiscus.

Through SOBA Hibiscus, the team has created a new beverage category called “Mocktea.” As the name denotes, a mocktail and tea brand and our customers love it. This unique category allows us to be a summer/winter drink choice, an alcohol free choice, a celebration option and a daily choice to our customers.

The team has gotten their Mocktea into 20 locations and most recently sold thousands of drinks at Essence Festival 2023.

SOBA Hibiscus is caffeine-free and high in antioxidants. SOBA Hibiscus is also halal and contains no artificial anything. Our drink is loved by many in the community and can be found in grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, and online.

Our brand strives to empower a balanced lifestyle while donating 2% of our revenue to local food pantries in our community.

At SOBA Hibiscus

“It’s what’s inside that matters.”


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