dried hibiscus

What does tea mean to us?

Tea is whatever you want it to be. It is a refreshment, a remedy, a celebration, a drink to toast to or to calm us down. Tea is nature’s gift to humanity. It is God giving us a taste of paradise on this earth. I have drunk all kinds of tea, hot and cold. However, the tea that stands out the most is hibiscus tea. The color is vibrant and alive. It’s pleasing to the eyes and to the body. It’s a red vibrant flower that is high in antioxidants from its vitamin C. It also has the right amount of Iron in it. Before I was aware of the benefits of hibiscus, I was first introduced to it as a child in Nigeria. It was the drink that brought people together. It was the drink we danced to and celebrated. When I moved to the United States, that experience became history. Years passed and I dreamt of the crowd that hibiscus tea brought together and I wanted to recreate that.

My mission for Fresh Hibiscus Tea is to expose the secrets of hibiscus tea and tell the world how amazing it truly is, not only in bringing people together but also improving our overall health. 

Fresh hibiscus tea is a well-rounded drink. It’s great for your body and heart, It brings people together. Lastly, It’s a conversation starter. 

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