Replace soft drinks with these healthier versions

      1. Berry Hibiscus Ice Tea: berry hibiscusA refreshing and easy to make drink. Berry hibiscus tea is the perfect alternative for fizzy drinks. This fruity iced tea consists of blackberry, elderberry, raspberry, cranberry and hibiscus leaves. Not only will the berry hibiscus tea quench your thirst, it also contains health benefits due to the hibiscus leaves.  Learn how to make yours.
      2. Chilled Tiger Nut Drink: chilled tiger nut Mostly drank in the tropical West African countries. Tiger nut is rich in vitamin E and fibre. Note: The tiger nut drink could be a bit spicy due to the ginger ingredients. Learn how to make yours. 
      3. Watermelon Kombucha:watermelon kombucha Kombucha is a bubbly, antioxidant-rich, and probiotic-infused drink which serves as the best soda alternative. Try Brew Dr.'s organic watermelon Kombucha which contains brewed green tea, hibiscus, and watermelon infusion. You can find it at your nearest Whole Food Market.
      4. La Croix: la croixThis refreshing canned sparkling water is loved by both adolescents and adults. The bubbles are light and the flavors are pleasing to the tongue. La Croix contains no added sweeteners, 0 calories, 0 sodium, 0 carbs, and 0 sugar
      5. Coconut Water: Another refreshing and sweet drink with no added sugar, this is another perfect soda alternative.  Coconut water also contains electrolytes that helps rehydrates and restores balance to the body.

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