Elevate Your Palate with the Perfect Cuisine and Tea Pairings

Elevate Your Palate with the Perfect Cuisine and Tea Pairings

Have you ever considered pairing your meals with a glass or cup of tea? Adding the right cup of tea can help create the perfect meal. You might be asking, with all the flavor combinations out there how do you figure out what tea to pair with your meal? Well, we are here to help. Here is a simple guide to help your tea pairing journey.

In our previous blog post (The Health Benefits to Tea), we shared the health benefits of a variety of our favorite teas. In continuation of our previous list, here are some tea pairing to compliment your perfect meal.

  • Black Tea
    • Black Tea has a strong flavor that goes well with a heavy meal. Pair your black tea (hot or cold) with meals such as meats (lamb or steak) or pasta. 
  • Ginger Tea
    • Ginger Tea has a bit of a kick to it which goes with sweeter foods. Pair your tea (hot or cold) with a sweet dessert such as apple pie or tiramisu. 
  • Chamomile Tea
    • Chamomile Tea has a nice light floral taste which goes nicely with citrus foods. Pair your tea (hot or cold) with oranges or lemon bars. 
  • Green Tea
    • Green Tea has a more earthy flavor that goes nicely with a vegetable dish. Pair your tea (hot or cold) with salads or any vegetable based meal. You can also pair it with stir fry and chicken dishes.
  • SOBA Hibiscus Tea
    • Our teas have a variety of flavors - fruity, zesty, or herbal flavor that pair well with sweet or savory desserts, heavy meals, and vegetable dishes. SOBA Hibiscus also pairs greatly with rich cakes and dark chocolate. 

If you have a specific food in mind but can’t think of a tea to pair it with. Here are some foods with tea suggestions. 

  • Cheese
    • A very popular duo is wine and cheese but for our non-alcoholic drinkers, try using tea, specifically earl grey tea or SOBA Hibiscus.
  • Fish
    • A very popular meal is sushi but what tea goes with fish you might ask? Some good options to go with are green tea, white tea, or SOBA Hibiscus tea.
  • Fruit
    • Fruits are a great natural sweet that are also good for you. A bowl of fruit could be a quick healthy snack but what do you drink with it? Fruit would make a nice pair with oolong tea or SOBA Hibiscus tea.. 
  • Spicy Foods
    • Looking for something to help with the tingly feeling of your tongue on fire when eating spicy foods, try drinking jasmine tea cold or SOBA Hibiscus tea cold. 

Now you have some ideas on how you can pair your meals with teas to make a perfectly fulfilling meal. 

By Kelli Kamphaus


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